About us

Airframes Patagonia is proud to create the first authentically Patagonian brand by offering high-quality, handmade products that are built to withstand any adventure. We not only manufacture the planes, we also fly them in the best locations in South America, testing their performance to the maximum. In our products, flight experience and technology come together for a common goal: to allow adventurers to push the limits of exploration.

Our clients

Airframes Patagonia is proud to support the outdoor recreation community in Patagonia and around the world. Our mission is to provide strong and safe products for trailblazers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking backcountry adventure. If you are a pilot, hunter, fisherman, investigator or guide; the expansion of Airframes Patagonia will allow backcountry enthusiasts to dive deeper into their travel.

We manufacture experimental bush aircraft parts

Airframes Patagonia specializes in welded assemblies for PA-18 style aircraft. We also manufacture parts that give pilots and their aircraft the ability to access the world's most remote locations.

You Choose, We Build

Because a production airframe is just the starting point.

Why a Patagonia Airframes fuselage?

It's simple: Weight, customization, and an included mountain flight course! Who else does that?? We build the lightest PA-18 airframe on the market and offer over 30 modifications to choose from to design your ideal aircraft. We are also very proud of our investment in ongoing research and development on PA-18 airframes and strive to find new ways to make our Cub airframes even lighter, stronger and more functional. And if that's not enough, a course on how to use your plane to the fullest, learning everything you need to know about bush flying, always seals the deal. We now offer a free course with every airframe order.

¿What is the process?

Before completing any order, we schedule a conference call to review your project, design goals, and modification selections. The available languages are English and Spanish, and if you wish, you can come to meet us personally at any time during the process.

Only need part of a fuselage?

Airframes Patagonia also sells, individually, the hundreds of parts and subassemblies that go into your aircraft's fuselage, so even if we don't build your entire fuselage, we still support you in your own modification or repair project. Call or email us for more details.