Flying School

Do you want to be a pilot? Are you a pilot and want to add hours, experience and learn? Are you a pilot and want to obtain new licenses and ratings?

At Patagonia Bush Pilots we have everything you need for each stage of your career. The most complete fleet, experienced flight instructors, and a geographical location that will allow you to learn under varied weather conditions and fly in aerodromes with very diverse characteristics (controlled airports, uncontrolled aerodromes, dirt surfaces, asphalt surfaces, short runways, etc.).

Private Airplane Pilot
Controlled VFR Rating
Commercial Airplane Pilot
Instrument Flight Rating

Advanced Training

We offer standard flight training programs for those pilots wishing to train with us here in Patagonia and in Alaska and further develop their piloting skills in a structured and challenging environment. We also offer custom flight training packages that can be arranged with our office staff via phone. Due to high demand, we are unable to offer hourly flight instruction or "quick local flights". Our instructors prefer to spend a minimum of several hours with our students to ensure the training is not rushed.

Tailwheel Training
Bush Pilot for a Day
Bush Pilot Course
Patagonia Experience

Repair Station

Authorized by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration), to carry out maintenance and repairs on aircraft.
We are the only certified workshop in the Patagonian mountain range.

The PBP Maintenance Center is also the one that provides technical support and maintenance to our aircraft fleet.

Specialized Services

Airframes Patagonia

We build Super Cub airframes with the best upgrades that have been made since the early 1950's. The Super Cub is the iconic bush flying plane, and the soul of Patagonia Bush Pilots.

Our fuselages are the basic element to build the experimental aircraft of your dreams. We not only manufacture the planes, we also fly them in the best locations in South America, testing their performance to the maximum.

In our products, flight experience and technology come together for a common goal: to allow adventurers to push the limits of exploration.